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Autumn Glen has a huge Walmart supercenter just 1/5 miles South down the road which is open 24 hours a day. If you can’t bear the poor customer service, then consider either Aldi or SuperTarget. They’re not quite as cheap but in our opinion it’s worth the 10 minute drive North!

If you’re visiting Autumn Glen between October and June, we recommend ‘Showcase Of Citrus’, just 3 miles up the road. Here you can pick your own citrus, breakfast grapefruits don’t get much fresher than that!

If you’re looking for some bargains (clothing is really cheap in the USA) then Florida Mall is just 30 minutes away. Home to over 260 brand stores you’re sure to find something for all the family. In fact, there are 8 malls within an hours drive of Autumn Glen that make UK malls look like corner shops!
For the thrifty shopper, the USA version of TK Maxx (they call it TJ Maxx and it was around years before ours) is a 10 minute drive North from Autumn Glen.