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Dinner Entertainment

A visit to Orlando wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of the family friendly Dinner Shows. Most are set in huge theatre complexes, the shows takes place in the centre while guests sit at tables around the edge of the stage. Food is average, but the pantomime style entertainment makes for a great night out!

Pricing is normally around $45-70 a show, use the links below and the tickets are discounted to $35-49 a show which is great value for a night out with  food and entertainment.


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You can place an order online and either collect the tickets when you arrive or get them delivered to Autumn Glen. Deliveries are free on orders over $500, or $10 for orders under. If you decide to call the Ticket Centre when you are there, don't forget to mention 'Autumn Glen' as we have special pricing for guests and friends.

Medieval Times Dinner Show

Buy Medieval Times Orlando TicketsAs a noble guest, you are invited to an 11th century tournament in Spain where treachery has threatened the crown. Trumpets begin to announce the entrance of the King Alfonso and his daughter Princess Esperanza. Due to treachery in the kingdom, your have been summoned to witness a dual to the death between gallant nights to save the crown.

Buy Discounted Medieval Times Orlando Tickets

As nights prepare for a dual, savory heaps of sumptuous food are delivered to your table. But the best part is yet to come, you are about to witness a world-class joust between gallant Knights that includes lance-splitting action.

Arabian Nights Dinner Show

Buy Arabian Nights Orlando TicketsAs royal guests, you are invited to celebrate a magical wedding between an Arabian Prince and Princess. Imagine as the characters of this fairy tale step right out of the pages of a story book before your eyes. Buy Discounted Arabian Nights TicketsBe dazzled at the beauty and pageantry of these magnificent horses as they perform in the world's largest indoor equestrian arena. Enjoy the magical feast of a lifetime, sit back and enjoy Arabian Nights.


Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure OrlandoLike no other show on earth, Pirates Dinner Adventure immerses you in the middle of a swashbuckling pirate adventure that's certain to challenge your wits. Find yourself as one of the captive villagers in the middle of one of Sebastian the Black's dastardly exploits for treasure and booty. Enjoy all the great tasting appetizers before the main show which you will find at the King's Festival Buffet. Feast on fresh tossed garden salad, treasure's chicken, pillager's pork as you cheer on your own fearless pirate who fights for the hand of the princess. Buy Discount Pirates Dinner TicketsJump aboard the 18th-century Spanish galleon in your own featured role against Captain Sebastian's fearless men in the midst of stunts, cannon blasts, and fireworks in a attempt to rescue the princess.

Treasure Tavern

Walk through a wonderfully decorated hallway, into the hottest tavern in the Caribbean where you are greeted by Miss Gretta, the tavern's wildly outlandish maven, who escorts guest through a two hour show filled with excitement, rum, Buy Discount Treasure Tavern Ticketsa three course dinner and find out why travelers, adventures and explorers from all around the world call this the secret tavern of Orlando! Enjoy the signature Rum Punch upon entry.

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show TicketsBring your investigative skills, your appetite, and be prepared to laugh your way through the evening at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show. You'll be kept on the edge of your seat as you enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. Nightly performances feature one of thirteen original comedy mysteries! Hone your investigative skills with the Mansfield family, help Scott determine if his bride to be murdered her first husband, investigate whose hiding the treasure at Squires Inn, or find out who killed G.K on his eightieth birthday. Buy Discount Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show TicketsGet acquainted with other characters over hors d'oeuvres, salad, and drinks, save room for a scrumptious feast of honey-glazed Cornish hens, prime rib dinner plate or four cheese lasagne while you solve one of the greatest crimes of the century.

Outta Control Magic Dinner Show

Outta Control Dinner Comedy Magic TicketsExpect to be impressed at this interactive, entertaining and hilariously funny dinner show. Amazing magic, impersonations and high-energy improvisational comedy will have you on the edge of your seat. Buy Discount Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner TicketsReceive table side service with unlimited fresh hand-tossed cheese and pepperoni pizza, salad, popcorn and unlimited beer, wine, soda and dessert.