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Most people visit Orlando to spend at least a few days at one of the  World Class Theme Parks. The main parks are operated by either Disney or Universal and a hopper ticket only only allows you in that companies parks so choose and plan carefully!

Allow 1-2 days to cover each theme park with a budget of $95 (£65) entry fee and $15 (£10) per person for each meal and one day for each water park with a budget of $55 (£35) entry fee and $15 (£10) per person for each meal. (Entrance fees to the parks can be as low as $70 (£50) for the theme parks and $35 (£20) for the water parks if you're willing to take a chance on a used ticket; or even cheaper if you can endure a few hours hard sell timeshare presentation.

Disney & Univeral Theme Parks, Orlando, Florida

We have special theme park ticket pricing with Official Ticket Centre in Kissimmee.

You can place an order online and either collect the tickets when you arrive or get them delivered to Autumn Glen. Deliveries are free on orders over $500, or $10 for orders under. If you decide to call the Ticket Centre when you are there, don't forget to mention 'Autumn Glen' as we have special pricing for guests and friends.


Disney tickets start at $105 for a 1 day (this is cheaper to buy at the gates, but you'll have to queue) or can be as low as $35 a day if you buy a 10 day block. Anything over 2 days and the link below will save you £££'s. It seems a lot of money but we've visited every Disney Park and it really will take you at least a day to get round each, they are huge! Once inside, everything is included except souvenirs and food. Food isn't badly priced but in our opinion isn't the best quality, we tend to take packed lunches.

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Universal Parks are usually a few dollars cheaper than Disney but may be easier to see an entire park in a single day than Disney would be.

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